Thursday, November 18, 2004

On Fox, I am to be cast as mincemeat, or roadkill, that's my guess

ay 'I hate George Bush.' Say it! Say it! Say it."
Faux news is to air a fauxumentary Sunday, November 21st, at 9pm EST titled, I have been told, "Breaking Point: Hating America."
As a media critic (and as a person, for goodness sakes) I hate to prejudge unduly.
But it appears that the drift of this Faux doc will be that there are some horrible people around the world who for some completely unaccountable reason, find fault with George Bush, or with the U.S. government. The "unnaccountable" part ain't quite right, but then it gets weirder (again, I prejudge).
These horrible people, I think we're going to be told, possess immense powers to sway the publics in their countries into becoming "anti-American."
I'm pretty sure I'll be one of those presented as exhibits, as one of these obtuse demagogues whose only aim in life is to hate George Bush which is presented as being the same as hating America.
It will be interesting for me to learn how great are these powers I hold and how I abuse them.
Of course, we may be presented as nobodies, as kooks who sway no one.
Makes a person wonder which he would rather be.
A Hobson's Choice, I think they call it
Fox producers forget that "the government is not the country," to quote Howard Zinn.
And what exactly does this claim mean, that some of us -- at last count it seems to be a majority of humankind -- are anti-American?
I guess that means hating jazz, hating the Grand Canyon, in the case of this Canadian hating his relatives and friends in the States, hating New York City in spite of my having said so often that I love New York, hating the University of Michigan where I studied and learned so much and hating the professors I respected there, who taught me U.S. History, American Humour, American Literature. I guess that means hating San francisco, even though I got there every chance I get so as to enjoy the food that I must hate or else....or else...I wouldn't be "anti-American."
Seems to me people blindly for their country right or wrong generally do it more harm than almost anyone, in the long run.
Anyway, I plan to be in the States with friends watching "Breaking Point: Hating America."
I'll rejoin you with my review of it: post-judging, which is the right way around.
Meantime, just remember, I never said I hate George Bush, even though host/interviewer John Gibson insisted I do, and screamed at me: "You know you hate George Bush. Just say it! I thought he was having a coniption fit.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Welcome and Testing.

Setting up 22 October, 2004.